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Elena of Avalor: A Princess with a Mission

Disney Elena of Avalor

May we present to you Disney’s newest heroine – Crown Princess Elena of Avalor. The spirited, adventurous princess made her debut this summer in Elena of Avalor, a new series on Disney Channel and Disney Junior and she is already ruling hearts across the land.

Of course we love all the Disney Princesses. They’re kind and caring, graceful, beautiful and generous. They’ve had to overcome evil, jealousy and spite to make their dreams come true. But Crown Princess Elena is the first one with a mission to save her family and entire kingdom from an evil sorceress named Shuriki. Even though Elena is young, she has a Grand Council made up of close family and friends, available to advise her. She is ready to rule and fully accepts the responsibility that comes with her position.

“Elena’s a young woman learning to lead and handle the responsibility of her family, friends and kingdom. It’s a very empowering role,” says show creator Craig Gerber.

And Elena does it with such spirit, heart and humor—although she sometimes gets a little ahead of herself. That’s a big part of her charm in fact. “Elena thinks she’s ready to rule, and in many ways she is, but she still has a learning curve,” Gerber explains.

But that’s what makes Elena such an appealing character. “A character needs to have a flaw to be interesting,” Gerber says. “There has to be a little internal challenge. But the character’s flaws have to be something audiences can relate to and accept. Elena’s challenge is sometimes thinking she knows a bit more than she actually does.”

Sound familiar? Anyone who remembers their teenage years—or has a teen at home right now—can relate.

“Elena may leap before she looks, but it all comes from a good place of wanting to help her kingdom,” Gerber explains. “And she has such a terrific sense of humor. She’s able to laugh at herself and to find the humor when things don’t go quite the way she planned. It makes her very likeable.”

One of Elena’s challenges is finding ways to get along with people who are different from her. “Avalor is a city with an active port, so people are coming from many other places and cultures,” Gerber explains. “So one of the underlying themes of the show is about acceptance of others,” Gerber says. “The show is fantasy, but the themes are relevant to kids today.”

“It’s been a terrific experience to bring Elena of Avalor to audiences,” Gerber concludes. “There’s her vibrant, bold personality, her comedic friends, her personal challenges and the thrill of tapping into the rich Latin cultural heritage for the first time with a Disney Princess. It has been an adventure.”

This November, audiences can follow Elena’s unforgettable journey on Disney Channel. The new Crown Princess will begin making appearances at Magic Kingdom® Park at Walt Disney World® Resort in August. Get a head start on Halloween by bringing home an Elena of Avalor costume and accessories from Disney Store and Disney Visa Cardmembers save 10% on select merchandise purchases of $50 or more at Disney Store and Not a Cardmember? See the rewards and perks that having a Card can bring to your kingdom.