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Times When Disney Women Saved the Day

Raya posing

From powerful princesses to fearless heroines, Disney films are full of stories of brave women and girls who rise to the occasion when they face the biggest challenges imaginable. During Women’s History Month, Disney Springs® honors these beloved stories with “Celebrate HER Story,” an event that salutes strong girls and women of the past, present and future. In anticipation of the event, let’s take a look back at iconic moments in Disney films when female Characters came to the rescue.

Mulan saving the emperor

Mulan embodies courage by standing up for those she loves and by being true to herself. When China faces an attack, Mulan bravely decides to leave home, donning her father’s armor to defend her country, despite being a girl and being forbidden to serve in the army. She’s a war hero who wins our hearts by following her own.

Mulan in fighting pose

Moana returning the heart of Te Fiti

There is only one Moana of Motunui. Who else could be bold enough to order a demigod like Maui to board her boat and sail across the sea to restore the heart of Te Fiti? Even when the odds seem against her, nothing can keep Moana from her purpose: saving her island, nature and her people.

Moana smiling

Nala rebelling against Scar’s reign

Nala knows who’s the rightful king of Pride Rock, and she’s not afraid to say it. In The Lion King, as Simba’s childhood friend, Nala is the one who’s able to convince Simba to do the right thing after many years away. With Nala by his side, Simba is finally able to come home, stand up to Scar and take his place as king.

Nala hiding in the grass

Tiana breaking Dr. Facilier’s talisman

In The Princess and The Frog, Tiana faces a mighty temptation from Dr. Facilier. When he offers to make her dreams come true in exchange for the enchanted talisman that falls into her hands, she stays true to the memory of her beloved father and refuses to give in. Instead, she breaks the talisman and foils Dr. Facilier’s plans to take over New Orleans.

Tiana on the side of a trolley

Mirabel realizing her own power

As a member of the magical family Madrigal, Mirabel grows up thinking that she’s the only one who hasn’t been bestowed a gift. But when she sees a vision of their beloved house, Casita, in danger, she’s the one who rallies to save the day—and her family’s gifts.

Mirabel interacting with family in a circle

Elsa reversing the eternal winter

There’s no denying Queen Elsa’s extraordinary, icy power, as much as she tries to keep it hidden. But when crisis strikes Arendelle, Elsa must learn that living in frozen isolation isn’t the answer. Love—in all its forms—is the only solution, and Elsa’s discovery (thanks to the help of her sister, Anna) ends her kingdom’s eternal winter.

Elsa posing

Raya uniting her broken land

When the return of a mysterious evil threatens the world of Kumandra, Raya is the lone warrior who is her people’s only hope. While her mission is tracking down the last remaining dragon, Raya learns that it’ll take a lot more to heal her divided people and land, and she saves the day with her sharp wit and blade!

Raya and Sisu posing

Merida rescuing her mother

Mother-daughter tensions come to the surface in Brave, but Merida’s the bold princess who’s able to take this challenge on. When Merida’s wish to change her mother backfires, turning Queen Elinor into a bear, Merida works her hardest to undo this enchantment and keep her family safe. Along the way, she learns a valuable lesson about mending ties and finding common ground with the ones she loves most.

Merida posing with sword

Rapunzel saving Eugene’s life

Rapunzel’s desire to see more of the world changes everything. On her adventure in Tangled, Rapunzel uncovers the truth of her own identity—and of the people around her. When Eugene’s life is threatened by Mother Gothel, Rapunzel selflessly sacrifices her freedom for his life, giving up the opportunity to reunite with her real family.

Rapunzel and Flynn looking shocked

Nani keeping her family together

In Lilo & Stitch, not everyone’s convinced that big sister Nani has what it takes to raise rambunctious little sister Lilo after the death of their parents. But Nani is constantly doing her best to take care of Lilo, not to mention any galactic hijinks that come their way. Come what may, Nani knows in her heart that “ohana means family,” and she’s a true heroine for keeping her loved ones together.

Nani and Lilo bedtime


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