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8 Facts About BB-8

Facts About Star Wars BB-8

It’s a fact: BB-8 has fans all across the galaxy after making his entrance in Star Wars™: The Force Awakens. Now that the Disney Visa® Card is “rolling out” BB-8 as their newest card design, the droid you love can travel everywhere with you!1 As if you needed any more reasons to choose the card featuring this adorable little guy, here are 8 fun facts sure to make any Star Wars fan smile.

Star Wars BB-8 Facts
1. A Rough Start

Though BB-8 is very high-tech, his design started out pretty basic, with Star Wars: The Force Awakens Director, J.J. Abrams, doing a rough sketch of a ball with a dome and one eye onto a napkin!

Space Star Wars BB-8 Facts
2. A Real Roll Model

BB-8 is a new model of astromech droid – like R2-D2, he’s a droid designed to repair starships.

Space BB8 Facts
3. Pretty Handy… Even Without Hands!

Each panel on BB-8’s round body contains a tool, like a grappling hook or a lighter.

Space BB8 Facts
4. Bring In the Stunt Droid

Six different BB-8s were used for filming, each with their own specialty including one called the “bowling ball”, which could literally be thrown into a shot and never fall down (like a Weeble toy).

Space Disney BB-8 Facts
5. Tiny But Mighty

BB-8’s official height is just .67m, or 2.2 feet. Little droid… but with a big personality!

Space BB-8 Facts
6. Funny Business

Comedians Bill Hader and Ben Schwartz provided vocals for BB-8’s lively and expressive sound effects.

Space BB-8 Facts
7. Lights, Emotions, Action

BB-8 is covered with small lights that blink faster or slower, and in different patterns based on his emotions.

Space BB-8 Facts

If you think BB-8 has more than a passing resemblance to a soccer ball, you’re right. Lucasfilm designers looked to the ball as inspiration for the unique patterns on his body.

All these facts add up to one very special droid, handy and lovable enough to inspire the newest Disney Visa Card! Check out the BB-8 card design and find out how you can switch from your current card to BB-8 today.1 By making purchases with your Card, you earn Disney Dream Reward Dollars® that can be redeemed toward Star Wars merchandise and offerings at Disney Store, and Disney Parks, helping you step into your favorite galaxy.2

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