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Season’s Greetings from the Tsum Tsum: 3 DIY Crafts

Disney Holiday Decorating Photo

Who needs elves when you have Tsum Tsum? We’ve created three easy-to-make holiday decorations featuring these feisty Characters to help you celebrate the season! So grab some Tsum Tsum, a fist full of pipe cleaners and get crafting! And remember Disney Visa® Cardmembers, now is the perfect time to use your Disney Dream Reward Dollars® at Disney Store or to redeem toward the purchase of the Tsum Tsum you need for the projects.1

Star Wars™ Tsum Tsum Wreath

Greet holiday visitors with door decor from another galaxy with a custom Star Wars wreath.

Disney DIY Wreath Supplies


Disney DIY Star Wars Wreath Step 1

Step 1

Prep your wreath. If you are using a white-colored wreath, you’re ready to move to Step 2! If you are starting with a green one, you can simply create that color change with spray paint! Spray 2-3 coats of white or gray paint on your wreath allowing dry time between each coat.

Disney DIY Star Wars Wreath Step 2

Step 2

String fairy lights through the wreath while concealing the battery pack on the back side. Secure the lights and battery pack to the wreath with white pipe cleaner. Trim excess pipe cleaner.

Disney DIY Star Wars Wreath Step 3

Step 3

Attach die cast vehicles by wrapping with pipe cleaners and then securing to the wreath. To hide any visible pipe cleaner, arrange pieces of the wreath to cover it. Layer in snowflakes.

Disney DIY Star Wars Wreath Step 4

Step 4

Place Mini Tsum Tsum around the vehicles in groupings of two to three. Wrap the back side of the Tsum with a pipe cleaner, then twist the ends around the wreath.

Disney DIY Star Wars Wreath Step 5

Step 5

Add several small ornament balls to serve as planets and asteroids for the ships to race around. Affix with pipe cleaners.

White Star Wars Wreath

Step 6

Add holiday greenery accents, securing the stems within the wreath.

Star Wars Wreath

Step 7

Turn on lights and hang the wreath above your mantel, on your door, or anywhere else the Force leads you.


Bonus Décor DIYs


Disney Frozen Decorations

Elsa’s Frozen Wonderland

Add a wintry touch to your mantel with this Frozen Tsum Tsum display. Just spread a blanket of artificial snow inside an apothecary jar, drop in a few icy accessories, trees, and Mini Tsum Tsum along with other Frozen trinkets you can find at In no time you’ll have a mantel worth melting for!

Disney Decorated Tree Collage

A Very Tsum Tsum Christmas Tree

Sprucing up your spruce (or any Christmas tree!) is as easy as draping beaded garland and popping in your favorite Medium Tsum Tsum. Use pipe cleaners to fasten small accent Mini Tsum Tsum along with traditional snowflake and ball ornaments.

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Disney Decorated Fireplace and Tree


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