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How to be an Avenger for a Day at the Disneyland® Resort

At the Disneyland® Resort, you don’t need a Super Soldier Serum, a high-tech suit or a legendary hammer to be an Avenger for a day. You just have to step into the shoes of a Super Hero through the immersive experiences, attractions, dining and shopping at Avengers Campus. Follow these steps to bring your dreams of thrilling adventures to life and remember that you can redeem Disney Rewards Dollars toward the fun along the way.1

Say Hello to the Avengers

Start your day strong with the opportunity to encounter an Avenger! Get a glimpse of some iconic Heroes and keep your camera close at these areas.

Avengers Headquarters

The headquarters hosts a gripping action show, as well as possible sightings of Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor and more. You may also come across General Okoye and members of the Wakandan special forces, the Dora Milaje, who can share wisdom from Wakanda. You know you’re in the right spot when you see the Quinjet parked on the roof.

Ancient Sanctum

Explore this fascinating site as you watch Doctor Strange emerge from a portal and demonstrate the power of the Mystic Arts. Maybe you can learn a power spell, like those in the old books in the Ancient Sanctum’s library.

Suit Up and Prepare for Your Mission

Gear up for excitement and dress for the job you want: Super Hero! You’ll look the part in Avengers-inspired apparel from these unique shops.

WEB Suppliers

Join the visionaries at the Worldwide Engineering Brigade—or WEB, for short—and discover some amazing tech-centric supplies and apparel. Spider-Man fans will find all kinds of goodies here, including Spider-Man goggles, a kit to create your own webs at home and more.

Campus Supply Pod

When you join the Avengers’ missions, you’re on the move constantly, so prepare with Avengers-themed performance fleeces, athletic wear, WEB Tech and other active apparel. And don’t forget to use your Disney® Visa® Credit Card when shopping around the parks to save 10% off select merchandise purchases of $50 or more.23

Fuel Your Adventure with Themed Food

As an Avenger, every moment of your day is action-packed, including your meals. Check out the fun experiences and delicious dishes you can try at the restaurants and food carts around Avengers Campus.

Pym Test Kitchen featuring IMPOSSIBLE™

Fill up with food that’s been made smaller-than-average or larger-than-life through the power of Pym Particles. The Not So Little Chicken Sandwich and Quantum Pretzel will satisfy hunger of epic proportions, and there are plant-based options as well, such as the IMPOSSIBLE™ Spoonful. Be sure to feast your eyes on the details scattered around this old lab facility, such as remnants of experiments and menu boards made of recycled cell phones.

Pym Tasting Lab

Next door to the Pym Test Kitchen featuring IMPOSSIBLE™, you’ll find this beverage laboratory serving craft beer and cocktails. Be sure to watch their distinctive, experimental beer pouring technique—from underneath the cup, pouring backwards! “Bottoms up,” indeed.

Shawarma Palace

You’ll need some nourishment if you’re going to save the world. Shawarma Palace lives up to its name with royally satisfying wraps filled with savory meats, sauces and pickles tucked inside a pita. The IMPOSSIBLE™ Victory Falafel is a delightful vegetarian option.

Terran Treats

This food cart near Guardians of the Galaxy—Mission: BREAKOUT! provides enticing sweets designed to appeal to earthling taste buds. Try a Cosmic Cream Orb, a cream puff filled with whipped raspberry cheesecake, and keep in mind you can redeem Disney Rewards Dollars toward these goodies to make the experience even sweeter.1

Get in on the Action

You’re bedecked, you’re energized and you’re ready. Unleash your inner Super Hero and launch into fearless missions alongside fellow Avengers. Join the thrills with these awe-inspiring attractions.

WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure

Peter Parker has invited you to a WEB Workshop, but chaos ensues when Spider-Bots run amok. Now’s your chance to join forces with Spider-Man himself and sling webs to trap the rogue robots. This state-of-the-art attraction has no height restriction, so it’s the perfect opportunity for little recruits to begin their training. To experience this attraction, you may need to join the virtual queue via the official Disneyland® mobile app.* Swing over to the official page for all the info.

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!

Taneleer Tivan, known as the Collector, has captured the Guardians of the Galaxy and added them to his intergalactic zoo. Rocket manages to escape, but he’ll need your help to rescue the others. Join him on a series of rip-roaring, free-fall drop sequences as he attempts to free his teammates. And keep your ears open for one of Star-Lord’s classic mixtapes playing along the way.

Commemorate Your Success

Even when your time at Avengers Campus, you can enjoy the memories you made forever. Close out an unforgettable day by finding a souvenir to commemorate your heroics.

The Collector’s Warehouse

From toys and action figures to entertainment and art, this shop has mementos for any and every fan. Rare keepsakes and collectibles wait around every corner, so keep your eyes peeled and listen to your Spidey senses guiding you to great finds.

Photo Opportunity

You’ll find lots of stellar photo opportunities around Avengers Campus, but there’s one place Cardmembers simply can’t miss. Assemble your team and head to the Cardmember private photo location just outside of Avengers Campus in Hollywood Land. Your complimentary photo downloads will be digitally enhanced with Disney Characters appearing next to you.2

Our final tip will come in handy as you plan your getaway to the Disneyland® Resort: Bring your Avenger-for-a-day dream to life with the help of special vacation financing through your Disney Visa Card.4 It’s the ultimate perk to help you pack more into your travels.

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EARN A $300


after spending $1000 on purchases
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EARN A $300


after spending $1000 on purchases
in the first 3 mos. from
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