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Earth Day Guide and Animal Atlas

It’s always a good time to have a conversation about conservation. But Earth Day’s an annual reminder of what the natural world gives us and what we can — and should — do to give back. Many of the amazing animals we share the planet with are in trouble, with climate change destroying their natural habitats, their food chain, and the whole delicate balance of their ecosystems. Because of all this, the changes to our ecosystem have been on a lot of people’s minds, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park is no exception. Their world-class habitats contain some species that face serious consequences.

Meet some of these fine furry friends and learn about just a few of Disney’s efforts to make a green difference… and what you can do to follow in their (ecological) footsteps!

Here are some facts featured in our Earth Day Guide:
1. Meet the most endangered animals found at Walt Disney World® Resort.
2. Learn how Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park makes a difference at home and in the wild.
3. See how you can reduce your carbon footprint on Earth Day 2016 and make a difference in your local environment.


You can meet even more of Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park animals and learn how changes to the environment have affected their world, at

The Walt Disney Company, including Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park, has reduced total emissions by 31%, with a goal of 50% by 2020. To recap the simple, fun ways you can go green and stay green like them:

What You Can Do

Work against climate change by reducing emissions from your home and car.

    • Purchase products for your home, like appliances and lightbulbs, with the Environmental Protection Agency’s “ENERGY STAR” label.
    • Carpool, bike, or use public transit where available.
    • Don’t waste water! That means fixing leaks, turning off faucets when you don’t use them, and sparing water you use for your yard and garden. Getting water to your home takes energy, so make it count.
    • Check out these other helpful suggestions from the Environmental Protection Agency

Create a little “animal kingdom” near your home!

    • Plant native plants and vegetables. You can make a habit out of making a habitat!
    • Create a butterfly garden and put your home on the map for hungry, wayward butterflies. You’re helping them out and the color they bring to your yard is beautiful.
    • Have you tried composting? It’s safe, easy, and can even be fun. By composting food and yard waste and putting it back into the soil, you’re making a cycle instead of a landfill.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

    • Cutting down on paper products means more trees. Try a trendy tote bag instead of tossing out plastic ones!
    • Take advantage of your community’s recycling program every week.
    • Clean reusable items instead of throwing out disposable ones.

Learn more and spread the word

  • Read up on new measures, movements, and laws designed to protect animals and their habitats.
  • Start a green program in your community, like a shared garden or a recycling program.
  • Share articles or info that can activate friends and family to make a difference.
  • Make tax-deductible donations to the Disney Conservation Fund, or other conservation groups like the World Wildlife Fund and the National Wildlife Federation.

When visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park, learn more about these beautiful, endangered creatures featured in this article from the resident experts at Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park as they discuss their ecological efforts and what it takes to keep these animals happy and healthy. Disney Visa® Cardmembers save 15% off the non-discounted price of the Backstage Tales guided tour at Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park.1,2 And best of all, a portion of the proceeds from the Backstage Tales guided tour gets donated to the Disney Conservation Fund, so you’ll contribute as you learn! With a little help and heart from animal lovers like you, every day can be Earth Day!