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The Best Attractions to Ride at Disney Parks for Any Age

Bes Disney attractions

With so much to see and do at Walt Disney World® Resort and the Disneyland® Resort, how do you even know where to begin? You could start with our rundown of the top attractions for small children, teens, adults and Disney fans of any age or size! Whether you’re looking for thrills and chills or a more laidback experience, we’ve got you covered. And don’t forget: Cardmembers have plenty of perks to enjoy in the parks, including saving 10% at select dining locations most days when using the Disney® Visa® Credit Card.12

Walt Disney World® Resort

  1. 1. Best attraction for toddlers to ride: Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

    Location: World Showcase, EPCOT®
    Little ones will love the big adventure afforded by this 4D romp through Gusteau’s famous Parisian kitchen. Designed to make you feel like you’ve shrunk down to Remy’s scale, it’s an easy and fun experience for fans of every age.

    Pro Tip: Spare toddlers the long wait in line by purchasing individual Lightning Lane entry for this attraction through the Disney Genie service on the My Disney Experience app. Cardmembers, you can redeem your Disney Rewards Dollars toward the purchase of individual Lightning Lane.3

  2. 2. Best attraction for children to ride: Toy Story Mania!

    Location: Toy Story Land, Disney’s Hollywood Studios®
    Blast into Andy’s room and dive into a toy chest full of classic games, then pick up a pair of 3D glasses for a thrilling shootin’ adventure with your Toy Story pals. The highest score wins!

    Pro Tip: Aim for secret targets to unearth “Easter eggs” worth bonus points.

  3. 3. Best attraction for tweens to ride: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

    Location: Frontierland, Magic Kingdom® Park
    An abandoned mine, cursed cavern, swooping turns and daring drops—what’s not to love?! Tweens can’t get enough of this rip-roaring adventure through the mysterious Tumbleweed ghost town.

    Pro Tip: This ride is designed for kids and adults, but there are some bumps along the way and some parts take place in the dark. Keep that in mind for any younger children in the group.

    Thunder Mountain ride
  4. 4. Best attraction for teens to ride: Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

    Location: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Disney’s Hollywood Studios®
    Take control of the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, maneuvering a hyperspace exploration on an interactive smuggling mission with designated roles like pilot, engineer or gunner.

    Pro Tip: Amp up the adventure by downloading the Play Disney Parks app and using the Star Wars: Datapad to help prep the Falcon for your flight, reroute misplaced cargo and more.

  5. 5. Best attraction for young adults to ride: Soarin’ Around the World

    Location: World Nature, EPCOT®
    Hop on a virtual hang glider and soar through the world’s wonders—from the Swiss Alps to Australia’s iconic Sydney Harbor and Fiji’s Lau Island. It’s a trip around the globe in a single ride.

    Pro Tip: Pass the time while waiting in line by playing the Soarin’ Challenge, a travel-themed trivia game you can access on your mobile phone.

    Soarin ride
  6. 6. Best attraction for older adults: Nighttime Spectaculars

    Location: Magic Kingdom® Park and EPCOT®
    Whether it’s the all-new Disney Enchantment at Magic Kingdom® Park or the Disney music-filled Harmonious at EPCOT®, these fireworks spectaculars are full of magic.

    Pro Tip: Pro Tip: Check the My Disney Experience app for showtimes on the day of your visit.

  7. 7. Best attraction for relaxing: Na’vi River Journey

    Location: Pandora – The World of Avatar, Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park
    Pandora’s bioluminescent rainforest comes to life with a dreamy drift down the Na’vi River. Spot exotic plants and wildlife, listen to the music of the legendary Na’vi Shaman of Songs and feel the positive vibes all around.

    Pro Tip: Look up! You won’t want to miss the sights and sounds that are on all sides, including overhead.

    Navi River
  8. 8. Best thrilling attraction: Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

    Location: Sunset Boulevard, Disney’s Hollywood Studios®
    The infamous freeways of Los Angeles come to life on this attraction, as you speed along in the legendary rock band’s stretch limo past iconic Hollywood landmarks. Will you help the rockers make it to their show on time?

    Pro Tip: Each vehicle plays different Aerosmith hits—from “Walk this Way” to “Sweet Emotion” and more—so you may be tempted to ride a few times to hear multiple songs

  9. 9. Best classic attraction: Pirates of the Caribbean

    Location: Adventureland, Magic Kingdom® Park
    Let’s be honest, every visit to Magic Kingdom® Park is made more fun with this swashbuckling voyage back to the 17th century. Navigate your way through Dead Man’s Cove, dodge cannon fire and keep your eyes peeled for Captain Jack Sparrow himself.

    Pro Tip: Earn digital achievements on the Play Disney Parks app for taking on certain attractions, including Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Pirates of the Caribbean
  10. 10. Best entertaining attraction: Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway

    Location: Hollywood Boulevard, Disney’s Hollywood Studios®
    Take a whirlwind ride through Mickey and Minnie’s whimsical cartoon world—complete with unexpected twists, slapstick gags and mind-bending transformations—and keep your eyes peeled for close encounters with some favorite pals, including Donald, Goofy and Pluto!

    Pro Tip: This attraction has no height requirement, so it’s a great option for the whole family to ride together.

  11. Disneyland® Resort

  12. 1. Best attraction for toddlers to ride: Peter Pan’s Flight

    Location: Fantasyland, Disneyland® Park
    Dodge bedtime and soar high over London with Wendy, Michael, John and Peter Pan guiding the way. Swoop past Big Ben and Tower Bridge, and touch down in Never Land just in time to see Peter Pan duel with Captain Hook.

    Pro Tip: This attraction sometimes closes to accommodate fireworks performances at Disneyland® Park, so be sure to check the schedule.

  13. 2. Best attraction for children to ride: Jessie’s Critter Carousel

    Location: Pixar Pier, Disney California Adventure® Park
    With a Toy Story spin on the classic carousel ride, this whimsical escape features cute critters from Jessie’s Wild West expeditions. Give it a whirl!

    Pro Tip: Check the Disneyland® app for the World of Color performance schedule because this ride sometimes closes early to accommodate the vibrant show.

    Critter Carousel
  14. 3. Best attraction for tweens to ride: WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure

    Location: Avengers Campus, Disney California Adventure® Park
    Peter Parker’s spider-bots are stuck in replication mode, and it’s up to you to help Spider-Man weave a web to catch them.

    Pro Tip: You can purchase an individual Lightning Lane entrance arrival window for this attraction through the Disney Genie service on the Disneyland® app after you’ve entered the park, subject to restrictions and availability. (And to make it even better, you can redeem Disney Rewards Dollars toward your individual Lightning Lane arrival window purchase.)3

  15. 4. Best attraction for teens to ride: Space Mountain

    Location: Tomorrowland, Disneyland® Park
    Adventurers have been blasting off on this timeless attraction since it opened in 1977, and it’s a fan favorite with its futuristic soundtrack, streaking orbs of light, and unruly comets and meteors.

    Pro Tip: If your group includes little ones who don’t meet the height requirement, take advantage of Rider Switch to make sure the rest of the party gets a chance to ride.

  16. 5. Best attraction for young adults to ride: Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

    Location: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Disneyland® Park
    Gather with other Resistance members outside Black Spire Outpost and join the battle against the First Order! The secret mission includes encounters with Kylo Ren, Rey and BB-8.

    Pro Tip: There’s so much to explore in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Keep the adventure going by visiting Savi’s Workshop – Handbuilt Lightsabers and redeeming Disney Rewards Dollars toward assembling and purchasing your own lightsaber.3

    Star Wars Rise of Resistance
  17. 6. Best attraction for older adults to experience: Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room

    Location: Adventureland, Disneyland® Park
    This magical (and air-conditioned) paradise is a feast for the senses with its theater-in-the-round setup, talking macaws and a chorus of crooning birds. Be part of a lively singalong in an enchanted garden.

    Pro Tip: Pick up an iconic DOLE Whip® from the Tiki Juice Bar just outside the attraction and indulge your sweet tooth while you wait. And use mobile ordering for a convenient, contactless way to prepay. Remember, you can also redeem your Disney Rewards Dollars toward this treat!3

  18. 7. Best attraction for relaxing: “it’s a small world”

    Location: Fantasyland, Disneyland® Park
    If you’re searching for a bit of joy and relaxation, look no further than this tribute to global peace. Drift along the Seven Seaways canal, enjoy the classic tunes and float from country to country.

    Pro Tip: Be on the lookout for Disney Characters appearing in their native nations, such as Pinocchio in Italy and Cinderella in France. How many can you spot?

    It's a Small World ride
  19. 8. Best thrilling attraction: Incredicoaster

    Location: Pixar Pier, Disney California Adventure® Park
    Catch Jack-Jack before he wreaks havoc on the whole town and buckle up for a high-octane excursion around Pixar Pier. Enclosed tunnels, special effects and a musical score from Incredibles 2 make things extra exciting.

    Pro Tip: Incredicoaster offers a Single Rider line, so your group can split up and experience it individually to help reduce your wait times.

  20. 9. Best classic attraction: Haunted Mansion

    Location: New Orleans Square, Disneyland® Park
    Phantom pranksters, a Ghost Host and a gloomy Doom Buggy are all part of the eerie excitement at Haunted Mansion. Just don’t pick up a hitchhiker, no matter how innocent they may seem!

    Pro Tip: Although this attraction is dark and has some mildly frightening scenes, it can still be fun for little ones. Rest assured, there is no gore, and the ghosts are friendly.

    Haunted Mansion
  21. 10. Best entertaining attraction: Jungle Cruise

    Location: Adventureland, Disneyland® Park
    Say goodbye to civilization and take off on a guided cruise through remote rivers, an ancient Cambodian shrine, Indian elephant bathing pool and more. Spot leaping tigers, hungry hippos and natural wonders along the way.

    Pro Tip: If you’re hungry for more, check out the nearby restaurant Bengal Barbecue, where you can tear into jungle skewers with sizzling grilled meats and satisfy your beastly appetite.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to planning your Disney adventure, and be sure to take advantage of your Cardmember vacation perks with your Disney Visa Card.

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