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What Your Disney® Visa® Credit Card Design Says About You

Disney Visa Credit Cards: Tiana, Disney 100, Retro castle and Maleficent

When you reach into your wallet for your favorite card, you not only reach for the card that gives you great perks and earns you Disney Rewards Dollars, but also the card that represents you: Your style, personality and the Disney stories you love. That’s what makes your Disney Visa Card so exciting. You get to choose a design that’s all you—and you can switch it up as often as you’d like. Check out all your design options by visiting the Card Designs page.1 Which card do you have? Read on to see what your card design says about you.

If you have: Disney100

Simply put, your Disney100 card says sophistication. Its sparkly sheen tells people you like the classics, and it goes perfect with the elegant outfits you love to don for special celebrations like centennials. You’ve been a Disney fan from the first time you watched a Disney film, and Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse still hold a special place in your heart. And while you’ve developed refined tastes, you’ve retained your youthful sense of awe, too. Bonus: If you have the Disney® Premier Visa® Card, you’ll receive an exclusive metal card when you select this design.

Disney 100 Years Visa card

If you have: Retro Walt Disney World

If you have this design, you’ve definitely got a sentimental streak. You know that oldies are goldies and that the finest things get better with age. You might have a Disney+ account, but you’ve also got an awesome vintage VHS collection (whoa, an original ’92 Aladdin! Rare find!), and while your favorite Donald Duck tee might be two decades old, you know that’s when they’re the most comfortable. Contrary to what some folks think, you’re open to new things—but you love the Disney Parks’ old-school attractions best. Teacups, anyone?

Retro castle illustration Visa card

If you have: Maleficent

Got Maleficent in your wallet? Then you’re a complex creature, with depth and layers. Sure, you’ve got a dark and brooding side, but deep down you have a good heart, not to mention a strong sense of justice. Like Maleficent, you might get a little thorny with people you don’t trust, but your crew knows the real you, and they understand there’s nothing you won’t do to defend them—including using those tricks up your sleeve. Can you help it if you look scary good in headgear and a black cape?

Maleficent Visa card

If you have: Tiana

If Tiana’s on your card, it’s clear you’re the kind of person that anyone would be lucky to have for a friend or family member. You’re a hard worker who never gives up on your dreams, but you’re also a selfless soul who’s eager to help others. You know that looks can be deceiving and that it’s what people (or frogs) have on the inside that counts. Others admire your versatility and how you’re equally at home in a ballgown, on the bayou or in the kitchen whipping up a batch of beignets.

Tiana Visa card

If you have: Vintage Mickey

If you’re sporting the Vintage Mickey card, you’re old-school cool with a real appreciation for the tested and true. You opt for quality goods that last and can be passed down through the generations—your vintage shopping and antiquing skills are legendary amongst your friends. In three words? You’re classic, timeless and dependable.

Mickey Visa card

If you have: Sleeping Beauty Castle

If your card is adorned with Sleeping Beauty Castle, you’re a dreamer through and through. Your imagination and flights of fancy take you to magical places—like the Disney parks, where you love to ride every attraction and immerse yourself in the enchantment. Your ability to turn life into a fairytale never ceases to amaze your friends and family. When others around you feel down, you’re the one who sees beyond the present to what can be.

Castle Visa card

If you have: Toy Story

If Toy Story is your design of choice, you’re a loyal partner with a heart of gold. You’ll go to the ends of the earth for your pals, and you know they’d do the same for you. You run a tight ship, and you’re the go-to person in your crew when something’s gone wrong—it can be a lot of responsibility to shoulder, but if anyone’s up for it, that’s you.

Buzz, Woody and Jesse Visa card

If you have: The Mandalorian

If Mando’s in your wallet, that’s a sure sign that you’re strong and independent, with deep convictions about sticking to your code. You’ll fight for what’s right, even if it takes you out of your way. You may keep to yourself, but you’re also a secret softie—you try not to let others catch you tearing up at those baby animal videos (they’re just so cute).

Grogu and Mandalorian visa card

If you have: Darth Vader

Some say that the Darth Vader design is dark and dangerous. But you know that’s not the full story. If this is your card, you’re a person of few words, sometimes misunderstood, mysterious and serious. You deeply believe in your convictions. Some people might find you intimidating, but you’ll take off the mask (or helmet) for your nearest and dearest.

Darth Vader Visa card

If these fun card personality descriptions have inspired you to try out a different card design, you’re in luck! You can choose a new design any time, at no cost, as often as you’d like. Peruse the full gallery of designs here (featuring images of both the fronts and backs of the cards).1 Looking for a little more inspiration? Take this card design personality quiz for a nudge in the right direction!

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Disney® Premier Visa® Card


EARN A $300


after spending $1000 on purchases in the
first 3 mos. from account opening.2


EARN A $300


after spending $1000 on purchases
in the first 3 mos. from
account opening.2


EARN A $300


after spending $1000 on purchases
in the first 3 mos. from
account opening.2

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