High-five for happiness
when you choose a brand new card design.1

Select one of ten unique designs. If you change your mind, it’s free and easy to switch.

All Card designs are available to all Cardmembers, whether you carry a Disney Rewards® Visa® Card or a Disney Premier Visa® Card. Additional Cardmembers can pick their own designs too.2 To add an authorized user, visit Chase.com

Disney Visa® Card Designs

To change your card design, call 1-800-300-8575 or visit Chase.com

View card gallery for a closer look.
Sorcerer Mickey Disney Visa card Sorcerer Mickey
Disney Frozen Princess Elsa Visa credit card Frozen
Disney 60th Anniversary Castle Visa credit card 60th Diamond Celebration
Disney Chase Tinker-Bell Visa credit card Tink
Mickey Donald & Goofy Disney Pals Visa Card Mickey & Pals
Plain Spotlight Disney Visa card Spotlight
Pixie Mickey Disney Visa card Pixie Dust
Star Wars Droids R2-D2 & C-3PO Visa card Droids
Star-Wars Yoda Disney Chase Visa car Yoda
Darth Vader Visa credit card Darth Vader