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Cardmember Tips: A Rewarding Happily Ever After

Everyone wants their wedding to be a memorable time celebrating a new life together. This Disney Visa® Cardmember used her Disney Dream Reward Dollars® to take her dream honeymoon to the next level.1

“I used my Disney Card to help pay for my wedding and our honeymoon to Disney World in October of 2012. With the reward points I was able to save up with my card, we were able to upgrade and stay at the Beach Club Resort, which we wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. VERY NICE!”

-Lori S., North Carolina

Here’s how she did it:

Disney Dream Reward Dollars1

In addition to Disney purchases, you earn Disney Dream Reward Dollars on all card purchases with your Disney Visa Card. Lori used the Disney Dream Reward Dollars that she earned toward an upgrade to make her magical trip even more unforgettable. All the while, she kept earning Disney Dream Reward Dollars to redeem toward future purchases, making “happily ever after” a reality in a way only Cardmembers can.

Disney Rewards® Redemption Card1

Lori and all Disney Visa Cardmembers can request a Disney Rewards Redemption Card at With it, Lori could redeem Disney Dream Reward Dollars during her honeymoon at Walt Disney World® Resort, such as when enjoying a romantic dinner at Victoria & Albert’s. Simply transfer Disney Dream Reward Dollars to a Disney Rewards Redemption Card and then use the Redemption Card to make purchases during Disney Parks vacations.

A Disney Parks visit creates unforgettable memories no matter the occasion. Make the most of your Disney Visa Card and make your next vacation beyond incredible.

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Redeem Disney Dream Reward Dollars toward tickets to Disney Theme Parks souvenirs during your vacation and more!1