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What’s your story?

Maybe it was treating your family to the Disney vacation of a lifetime or taking advantage of exclusive Cardmember perks. Tell us how your Disney® Visa® Card helped make your Disney dreams come true.

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Cardmember Stories

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Minnie and Disney Rewards Member

Jean R. from California

I used my Disney Visa to book an Alaskan cruise, and I...
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Couple with landing page background

Suzanne M. from Florida

When our daughter got married, she and her husband decided in lieu...
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Darth Vader with child

Shiloh H. from Montana

I have been a Disney fan all of my life, and my...
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Girl with minnie

Brittany B. from New Jersey

We are 3 generations of Disney lovers and go to Walt Disney...
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Friends at Disney

Jamilet D. from Oregon

The Disney parks have become a tradition for me and my best...
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