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  • Lisa S., Wisconsin NikkiA carmember-story-dan

    “Thanks to Disney Visa my nieces have wonderful memories of meeting Mickey and Pluto at the card members only meet and greet. Awesome!” 4

    — Lisa S., Wisconsin

  • Nikki A., Utah NikkiA carmember-story-dan

    “My husband and I finally had a Christmas shopping trip together! I had several hundred dollars on my Disney Chase card and talked my husband into going to the Disney store with me to spend it all on our Grandkids. And yep we did! I gotta say Disney Chase card and Grandkids made one great Christmas!” 4

    — Nikki A., Utah

  • Dan B., New York NikkiA carmember-story-dan

    “My daughter loves everything about Sleeping Beauty. So for her birthday, I stopped by the Disney Store and picked up Aurora crowns, wands, purses, shoes, gloves… you name it. I was pleasantly surprised to save a bunch of money at the register, all because Mickey is on my card!” 4

    — Dan B., New York